An autonomous ecological programme of stream and river water management

The urgent challenge for the economically developed countries population is to take a global self-management of the seasonally very high water level in the rivers through the establishment of a self automatic system, which under its own pressure will fill in the numerous small retention (1-7 hectares) by the rivers.

As we know, in many regions of the Earth, from the beginning of 20th century, we notice the intensive growth of oil, gas, coal and other minerals took from more and more deep places, and generally burned by the economically developed countries from the northern latitude. We can also observe more and more abyssal wells being built for the municipal and farming purposes. This causes on the one hand, a very dangerous regression of the geological water, groundwater level and surface water, especially rivers’ level, reduced because of the bottom being cleared by the current. We can observe bigger and bigger carbon dioxide’s concentration and other toxic compounds in the atmosphere.

On the other hand not rational and without any pragmatic anticipation NATURAL GOODS management, causes a dangerous disappearing of the ground water evaporation to the stratosphere, where nowadays hotter and hotter air moves. This air is also dry and without the ice crystals, so it attacks the glaciers in the poles and in high mountains. This uncontrolled, dangerous process of the mineral’s exploitation and its burning causes infringement of the Earth external stratums superficial trimming, what can be observed by the increasing number and intensively of the seismic earthquakes, caused by the tectonic plates, volcanic eruption, and more and more numerous tsunami.

That is, when a human being especially from the north (oil and gas companies) because of the energetic-existential conformism satisfaction, basing on combustion, aim at a destruction of humans and nature. The confirmation for this state of emergency is the dangerously expanding drought, increasing carbon dioxide in the air, melting glaciers causing the ocean and see waters increase. We have to know, that 100 years ago, in Africa territory there was 2/3 green area, and nowadays we have only ¼ places that are green. These days, a woman in Sudan and in other places in the world has to walk 10 km with a can for water which is not a good quality, to satisfy her family’s poor existence, and the people in the North daily flush 10 litters of the clean water in a toilet 5-6 times a day. We also have to know, that the humankind, flora and fauna exist mainly from the ground and surface water, gained from the rainfall and snowfall. According to the UN data, the humankind exists biologically in 80% because of a grass (also cereal and rise), which hydrotropic roots manage to get the groundwater needed from the vegetation only from 3 meters deep. We have only 1% of the unsalted water in the Earth. – This obligates the rich countries to the urgent high water management from the rivers in a great retention. Because of the more and more global, dangerously expending drought, there is a need of a specific system bay passes construction, made from the PCV pipes directing the whole water from the mouth by the sea (ocean) to the regions endangered by the drought. It is worth to know, that every year all the African rivers put the huge amount of unsalted water to the sea and ocean, which could be used to this territory’s irrigation, preventing it from the drought.

Attention! Even the high water surplus can be turned from the European rivers mouth with big PCV pipes, set 40 meters under the sea water surface (ocean), because it is a quite place even during the heavy storms (hurricanes), to the numerous, small retention in the northern Africa. And the water from the Black Sea mouth should be directed to the Middle East (for example to the Arabian Peninsula ect.). Water from the rivers high states of the South-East Asia should be directed to the small retention regions in Asia, which are endangered by the progressive drought. And the water from rivers mouth by the seas of the South-East Asia should be directed to the Australian continent. Similarly, the unsalted water from rivers in American continent should be managed. Pragmatically managed unsalted water from rivers in the Earth will create temporary place for the melting glaziers’ water, preventing the lower grounds from the flood. This will eliminate the drought and after several years it will restore the efficient ground evaporation and the glaziers reconstruction will start.

The suggested organization of the systematic and system unsalted river or sea mouth waters self-retention can constantly stabilized its average fluctuation in big rivers up to 3 meters, preventing from the flood and drought. It is also worth to know, that when the Greenland glaziers will melt, the water level in the seas and oceans will rise up to 6 meters. The observed, progressive glaziers melting caused by the disappearance of the ground evaporation in hot and vast regions of the Earth, causes a real danger of flood in the nearest decades and harbors, cities, health resorts and low-lying regions flooding. We will lose all the sea communication and sea transport, fishing and many millions of the continent’s square meters.

If nowadays we take a planed action for the infrastructure construction, needed for balanced unsalted river water self management, we will increase the air humidity over the lands and rebuild fauna and flora. We will also purify the climate from the carbon dioxide and other toxic compounds caused by the minerals combustion. The world famine will disappear, and the health conditions, fauna and flora in the regions with the progressive drought will improve. 

 - Attention! After the permanent stabilization of the water level, people should construct the “Electric water communication”, which advantageous are enormous: a huge open space, often noticed in big city agglomerations will be used for the ecological, very cheap, automatic (self-controlled) public transport with the renewed waterways. Light water vehicles (unsinkable), specific electrically operated, drill-rotational power-station water trams gather the speed of 50km/h. 

Note! This program should be regulated and protected by parliamentary law.