Effective preventing the greenhouse effect hazards 


I propose to elaborate desert, semi-desert and steppe regions, on the basis of geodesic and height maps, to determine e.g. 3000 places designed for retention in the area of the Sahara desert which has area of 7 million km2, approximately 80% of the area consists of plains, and to direct all fresh water from the entire estuary of the Congo, Niger rivers and other smaller quantities of fresh water, to direct with multiple integrated water pipes in single large PVC pipes laid by the surface in the sand, into accommodated storage reservoirs. Systems of submersible pumps (GIGA) of very high capacity should be installed in the region of the fresh water estuaries of the rivers Congo, Niger and many other smaller rivers of Africa, and the fresh water should be directed to designed storage reservoirs of various size (with slight adaptation of earth works). It is worth knowing that estuary of the Kongo river itself gives around 40,000 m3 of water per second. Using the high temperature of desert, semi-desert and steppe regions, the water stored in the reservoirs in the sands of the desert and in semi-desert areas would rise the groundwater level and the air humidity to the level of 90%. After several years, with high air temperature, we would obtain tropical flora and fauna. Likewise, other desert and semi-desert regions should be saturated with water from rivers, and especially the Arabian Peninsula, Australia, where the entire fresh water estuaries of large rivers of south-eastern Asia could be directed in submerged water pipes at the depth of 50 m below the surface of sea and the Indian Ocean. Australia would become a continent with entirely tropical nature. The water from these rivers is 7 times less saline than the water of the Indian Ocean, and thus much lighter, which would make it possible to calculate the weight of the water pipe so that its submersion would be constant on the level of 50 m below the surface of sea (ocean), where there is complete calm even during strong storms. The water in the Mediterranean Sea is 5 times less saline than in the Atlantic. The huge excess of salt obtained from evaporation of e.g. ocean and sea water is troublesome and superfluous in this irrigation system. Therefore I propose to manage all fresh water in estuaries of rivers to sea or ocean and to direct it to the proposed areas in order to irrigate them and to revive flora and fauna, vegetation, animals and tropical forests, and also to irrigate agricultural areas.

The successively increasing level of waters in oceans and seas due to melting of glaciers, on the basis of the principle of connected vessels, would be automatically stored in the place of the fresh water taken from river estuaries, which we direct into desert sands and to the revived flora and fauna, where even a monkey swinging on its tail on a branch would store several litres of water in its organism. The high air humidity caused by evaporation of fresh water would also be a specific permanent storage of water. Very large and extremely cheap electric energy, necessary for pumping the water, irrigation of the cultivable desert areas and for communal purposes, can be obtained from simple and reliable drill-and-blade power plants floating on flat pontoons and anchored in river current, and 300-500 m from the seashore anchored in sea and ocean bottom. Storage reservoirs would give fish, sediments (sludge) as a fecund fertiliser, and water for agriculture in these desert, semi-desert, steppe and agricultural regions.

It is worth knowing that if the glaciers in Himalia and on the poles, the level of water in oceans and seas would rise to within 70-90 metres above the present level. around the half of the humanity, i.e. around than 3,000,000,000 people, live in areas of the world where inundation is anticipated. Costs of these investments would be relatively small, and profits – huge and priceless. Nature would not be harmed in any way. Well, maybe few species of fish living in river estuaries to the sea. The level of salinity of the Mediterranean Sea would surely be somewhat increased, but at the same time the water in this sea would be much cleaner. Water in the regions of poles would surely be somewhat less saline for some time. We would obtain a more humid climate in northern Africa, Europe, Near and Middle East, Australia, and in other desert areas, and also in America. Total liquidation of combustion in the world and reconstructed flora and fauna in nature would improve the cleanness of water and the quality of air in the world. There would be more fresh water in the world, also for man.

author of the described project – Ferdynand Barbasiewicz

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