Ferdynand Barbasiewicz 


Part I

Innovation in a balanced development for the human and nature in the earth and the universe.

Dears, as we can know the most important action of creative people in the world is the aspiration for the balanced development of the civilization, through the proven innovation’s implementation in the humanistic life measurements and through the competitive selection of the candidates for the realization all kinds of development programs. By the management of the democratic, scientific and economic life. My desire is to arouse organizations’ and world eminences’ interest, because they have a great impact on every kind of a progress in the existential measurement implementation, according to the stipulations of ecology. In the text below, I would like to present some suggestions of the solutions, which can considerably accelerate the development, safe for human beings and nature in THE EARTH AND UNIVERSE.

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1) Claviteraphy in a prophylaxis, keeping a good health and physical fitness