Harmfulness of emissions and health prevention

Andrzej Kolk

Professor Andrzej Kolk, President of the Bio-geological Section

The impact of the Earth’s energetic environment on health of plants, animals and people 

State of health of plants, animals and people is related to a place where they live in the environment. In many countries, eg. in France, England, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and many others, a new branch of knowledge, called the geobiology, has recently appeared and has been actively developed. It focuses on the Earth’s radiation on living beings. Its subject is to find relations between the state of health of plants, animals and human beings and the spot where they live and develop in the environment. The geobiology concentrates on phenomena which fall outside any classical science disciplines. These phenomena consist on radiation generated from the: 
- undergroundwater flows, 
- geological structures (faults, underground caverns and rock hollows), 
- mineral deposits, metal ores etc., 
- global geomagnetic grid (Hartmann grid), 
- diagonal Curry grid and Peyre grid, 
- natural fields: magnetic field, electric field, solar radiation (sunlight), cosmic rays, thermal radiation etc.

In addition, there exist man-made sources of electromagnetic and microwave radiation, like, for example: 
- overhead electric power transmission lines, 
- high voltage transformer and switching stations, 
- base transceiver stations or cell sites (BTS), 
- radar stations, 
- household electrical equipment (eg. radios and T.V.s, microwave ovens, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, personal computers etc.).

The artificial sources of radiation mentioned above are physical phenomena measurable by common scientific instruments, whereas the geopathic radiation is detected only by dowsing methods.

Since several years in the literature devoted to this subject one can find more and more information on the radiation of the levorotary and dextrorotary electromagnetic fields which generate ionizing radiation.

Ionizing vibration in levorotary electromagnetic fields is very harmful. Its harmfulness is substantially bigger than the harmfulness of the undergroundwater radiation. Their shape resembles columns or chimneys rising from the Earth surface upwards. The vibrations generated by the electromagnetic rotary fields are associated with the cosmic and telluric izonizing radiation. Each kind of cells and tissues has a different level of sensitivity to the ionizing or geopathic radiation. 

In many studies devoted to dowsing, an extensive statistic material concerning geopathic stress effects on health of human beings, animals and plants was gathered. As far as human health is concerned, in the initial phase of exposure to geopathic disturbances, the following symptoms may appear:
- general weakness, morning tiredness in spite of a long sleep; 
- sleeplessness (insomnia), bigger excitability and headaches as well as pain in the lower backs and joint aches which disappear after going out off the bed, 
- heart, kidneys, stomach, cardiovascular and respiratory systems’ disturbances, 
- endocrine system and immune system disturbances, 
- frequent bacterial and viral infections. 

Any prolonged exposure to a zone affected by geopathic disturbances results in many diseases, like for example: rheumatism, neuroses, spine (backbone), heart, cancer and other diseases. The course of all these diseases may be more or less serious, depending on the individual sensitivity to radiation, its intensity and period of exposure to permanent radiation.

The adverse effects of earth radiations on farm animals have been relatively the best identified and documented. Many publications and reports show that Earth radiation has an important impact on cows’ milk yield, fertility and health. Decrease of milk yield and milking days, raise in intervals between pregnancies, intensification of leg diseases and increase in number of miscarriages. Apart from the cows, many other farm animals, like for instance, pigs, sheeps, horses and hens are sensitive to the Earth radiation.

Plants also react to Earth radiations, including radiation from telluric undergroundwater flows. The grow of the majority of cultivated plants and trees planted over groundwater flows and rotary electromagnetic fields is worse than the grow of neighboring plants or trees planted in spots which are free from radiation.

In general, losses in agriculture which result from planting sensitive cultivated plants or cereals in spots affected by geopathic disturbances are estimated to be 10-20 %. These areas are often handed over to foresters for forestation.

Taking into account these data concerning the adverse impact of Earth and geobiological radiation as well as radiation emerged by different technical equipment on the health of people, farm animals and cultivated plants, the geobiology has important tasks in the field of protection for people, farm animals and plants against negative radiations as well as increase and optimization of plant and animal production in the organic farming.

These requirements can be met only by efficient technical neutralizers (re-radiators and moderators, dowsing screens). Their properties and impact may efficiently decrease negative Earth radiation.

Taking the above into consideration, the KA screens neutralizing intensity of radiation from geopathic zones have been developed. On the market they are available in 8 variants: KA-1, KA-2, KA-3, KA-4, KA-5, KA-6, KA-7, KA-8 which differ one from another by their range, in context of distance and height. By using them it is possible to re-radiate a zone with a radius from 3 to 4 meters (KA-1) up to more than 80- 100 meters (KA-8), what corresponds to the height of a twelve-storey building.

Professor Andrzej Kolk, mob. +48 608 800 577 
President of Association of Dowsing Experts in Warsaw