Article for Canadian Journal of Reflexology


Review of Dr. Ferdynand Barbasiewicz’s Clavitherapy Workshop
in Montreal at the AGM & Conference, November of 2008.

As most of the participants at last year’s RAC Conference will well remember, a small sensation was caused with the workshop of Dr. Ferdynand Barbasiewicz , a psychologist/neurologist from Poland, whose results are still being talked about today. Dr. Barbasiewicz’s work was uncovered by one of our newest members, Dr. Bazyli Pawluczuk, who subsequently invited Dr. B, on RAC’s behalf, to share his discoveries and participate at the November Conference.

Dr. B’s first workshop drew about 100 participants, one of whom was a woman in her sixtees, who had been wheelchair–bound for the last 18 years. She gave Dr. B permission to demonstrate his unique method on her. (Her complete testimony is attached to this article). An accidental severing of the sciatic nerve had left her with partial paralysis, as well as a right drop foot. She had no esation of touch, temperature or movement in her lower limbs and both legs were cold and swollen. 

Dr. Barbasiewicz explained the principles of his method to her, and stated that he could make no promises as to the outcome of the treatment, but with her permission, he could verify whether her severed nerves showed any signs of life and potentially be reconnected again.

To the astonishment of all present, Dr. Barbasiewicz’s method accomplished the impossible. The woman stood up and walked a few steps, and felt no pain when she did so. On each subsequent day of the conference, Dr.Barbasiewicz continued his therapy. On the second day, she began to regain the sensations of touch, temperature and movement of her toes, and her drop foot returned to a normal position. At the end of the second day, she left her wheelchair behind and walked up a flight of stairs. On the 4th day, her legs were no longer swollen, warm and she was walking cautiously around the room, with no physical support.

The method Dr. Barbasiewicz presented to us is the result of 50 years of extensive research in neurology, especially as it relates to the regeneration of psychogenic nervous system disorders. The uniqueness of his therapy lies in the fact that extremely efficient, non-invasive stimulation is applied on the skin to nerve receptors, using very simple clavicles, hence the name “Dermoneural - Reflexology, Clavitherapy”. Within minutes of receiving this type of stimulation, there is a dramatic reaction in the brain response and immune system function, which starts a chain reaction in all endogenous, cellular, molecular and sub-molecular levels. As a result, there are almost immediate changes in bioelectrical conductivity of the cell membrane. Activation of neurochemical transmitters in plasma leads to detoxification, and the healing and regeneration process of myelin around the defective nerves.

The neuron signals lost due to the peripheral de-myelination, or plaques in brain, is restored - sometimes within hours. During initial stimulation, the patient feels pain and burning sensation for seconds followed by healing sensation, as the myelin restoration takes place.

In this woman’s case, the connection and restoration of her severed sciatic nerve and peripheral nervous system might seem like a miracle, but is explained by the fact that our bodies are capable of a high degree of regeneration, when the right stimulation of particular nerve receptors are given.

Bazyli Pawluczuk, Ph.D., RCRT