Clavitherapy in AIDS

On June 27th, 1998, the founding conference of the Reflex Therapy Division was organised in the Council Board of the Polish Medical Society . During that session, a group of patients was presented to the audience. All of them had been previously treated with clavitherapy and their health parameters were restored to normal. Those invalids had suffered from DS (MS), malignant melanoma, AIDS and cerebral paralysis. Among them there were physicians, founders of the Reflex Therapy Division.

Some immune deficiencies were also considered as possible targets for clavitherapy. Cases of AIDS, viral hepatitis (A,B,C - types ), blood diseases, viral, bacteriogenic and fungal infections - all those immune impairments were deeply analysed in AIDS Department of Contagious Disease Hospital in Warsaw ( 15.04 - 30.06. 1993 ).One particular case deserves a profound inquiry. It was a man, aged 25 , with full! AIDS clinical signs, drug-addict, alcoholic , heavy smoker. He was extremely cachectic, suffered from acute staphylococcic purulent otitis, with general sepsis, liver cirrhosis

and chronic massive diarrhoea (up to 14 evacuations a day). He was 175 cm high with only 50 kg of weight. He also revealed abnormalities of EEG records as well as mental unbalance, resulting in alternate anger, aggression and helplessness. He was first detected as HIV carrier in 1989. Before the experiment all medicaments had been cancelled according to conditions imposed by the author. There is no sufficient cure for AIDS as yet. The series of clavitherapeutic sessions resulted in his glorious recovery, immune restoration and accurate detoxication. Although that story happened 11 years ago, the patient is still alive and reports quite good health comfort. He is active and able to work. He is now trying to promote clavitherapy within HIV-carriers and AIDS environment. His story was narrated and discussed during the first conference of the Reflex Therapy Division.

In 1993 I was approached by the head of the AIDS Clinic in Warsaw with an idea to evaluate the effectiveness of clavitherapy in controlling AIDS. His proposal originated, among other things, from his knowledge of my method, which is effective in eliminating the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in patients with multiple sclerosis, a neurophysiological method whereby receptors and biologically active points, also acupuncture points, of the skin are stimulated by clavicules. By means of dermovisceral processes it is possible to precisely direct the self-haling (self-repair) of the internal organs homeostasis as well as the body’s physiology also in increasing the body’s defences in terms of all blood parameters, including total lymphocytes, CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes. After we have restored the blood, we can smoothly and effectively eliminate and treat various diseases, also those resistant to medication. These are the problems I am constantly interested in. For many years I have been conducting research which in the clinical setting give very good results in terms of patient prognoses in infectious diseases.

As we know, the thymus is responsible for the production of lymphocytes in the developing organism and involutes during adolescence. We also know that the lymphocyte production is continued by other organs, endocrine glands and other morphological structures of the adult body. I have also developed algorithms and functional networks of clavitherapeutic stimulation of these processes in a long lasting activation of and smooth restoration of the immune defences of an organism affected by the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It is possible to precisely steer lymphocytes and antibodies locally and systemically.

In February I declared to Dr Mian, the head of the AIDS Clinic, and Prof. Babiuchowa that I would seriously consider their proposal. I told them I first wanted to review the relevant literature. At the beginning of April 1993 I arrived at the Clinic and informed the Management that I was willing to conduct the experiment. The clinical conditions were established and I was asked to work with the patient M.A., aged 25. The principal condition was to perform all the necessary medical examinations and discontinuation of all the medications upon the commencement of the experiment. As we know, there are no effective drugs for AIDS.

Medical data of M.A. aged 25, a patient of the AIDS Clinic in Warsaw as at 15 April 1993

  1. Since 1986 the patient has been taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, even during his stay at the Clinic.

  2. He has been HIV-positive since 1989 and in 1992 he was diagnosed with ARC.

  3. Liver disease: in 1989 he was diagnosed with hepatitis B and since 1991 he has had hepatitis C. Liver cirrhosis and transaminase levels 7 times the upper limit of norm, dangerously low blood counts.

  4. Kidney and urinary bladder pain, dysuria, urethritis, very frequent urination with low amounts of the urine.

  5. Pain and stabbing pain in the spleen (14 cm spleen on ultrasound).

  6. Very troublesome diarrhoea (from four to less than twenty bowel movements per day) for the first months of this year. Despite medication his weight remained at 50 kg with the height of 175 cm.

  7. Oral candidiasis since 1989.

  8. Numerous foci of herpes and inflammatory skin changes on the face.

  9. Chronic, very intensive, coarse dandruff and hair loss.

  10. Numerous, chronic purulent eczema all over the body, especially on the back, buttocks, breasts, neck and the face.

  11. Very intensive sweating all over the body. Dripping sweat.

  12. Cold hands and feet syndrome also involving the back, loins and the buttocks.

  13. Chronically inflamed and extensively enlarged lymph nodes (one even operated on).

  14. Thrombocytopenia (30 thousand platelets per mm3) – frequent nose bleeds.

  15. Permanent throat pain and significant swallowing difficulties.

  16. Very frequent headaches – pathological EEG tracing in 1990.

  17. Chronic otitis media caused by Staphylococcus aureus.

  18. Sinusitis, blocked nose – very frequent rhinitis.

  19. Persistently elevated body temperature – 37.5°C (frequently exceeded 38°C).

  20. Persistently very low systolic and diastolic blood pressure – 90/60 mmHg.

  21. Psychiatric symptoms: insomnia, depression, aggression, anxiety, obsessions, very strong emotional ambivalence, anger, aggression, helplessness.

On 16 April 1993 the clavitherapy experiment was commenced with the complete discontinuation of all medications. Due to the very difficult housing conditions at the AIDS Clinic at ul. Wolska in Warsaw, I conducted the clavitherapy session in the AIDS patients room. I performed the examinations and clavitherapy sessions free of charge.

In the first 2 weeks of therapy the sessions were 4-5 hours long and were very painful. Despite the extremely strong pathogenesis, which was caused by the severe condition of the AIDS patients (cases of tuberculosis), and the difficult housing conditions, all the above mentioned illnesses disappeared, as confirmed by the medical documentation and the analyses of medical examinations. Among other things, a significant improvement was noted in the total lymphocyte counts and the complete and differential blood counts, T4 and T8 lymphocytes, liver tests etc. Some of the tests were initially done twice a week. Five weeks into the treatment, when the condition of M.A. achieved the level of full physiological performance, the analyses were made once a week and less frequently. The ample blood test results are filed at the archives of the AIDS Clinic at ul. Wolska in Warsaw and at the Clavitherapy Centre.

Due to the strong morbid pathogenesis of the patients and bringing different very severe AIDS conditions together (six patients in one room), the patients were practically not allowed to leave the room and walk along the corridor. There was no day room or a psychotherapy facility. Leaving Building X of the pavilion was out of the question as well, no fresh air, no recreation.

These hospitalisation conditions and very good medical prognosis of the patient treated with clavitherapy only prompted me to turn to the head of the AIDS Clinic to have M.A. transferred to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare St John of Jerusalem Readaptation Centre in Piastów. My request was accepted and the head of the Clinic, in communication with Director Rev. Arkadiusz Nowak, placed M.A. in Piastów on 17 May 1993, where I continued clavitherapy sessions. The clinical and psychotherapeutic conditions at the Centre in Piastów are very good.


 May 3rd, 1993.

The effect of clavitherapy on me.

I have been receiving clavitherapy for three weeks. I don’t take any medications during the treatment. I have stopped taking the following medicines: interferon - 900; essentiale forte 3 x 1; relanium 0.005 - 19 tablets/day; lamalina up to 3 tablets/day.

My health condition before the punctures: since 1989 I have been an HIV carrier, I had hepatitic B, C, delta, now I suffer from HCV. I was admitted to hospital due to otitis media caused by a Staphylococcus aureus infection, diarrhoea, night sweating, loss of weight, weakness, mouth mycosis, herpes.

After 16 interventions performed by the Doctor, I have observed the following changes: no diarhhea, sweating, otitis media is completely gone, blood coagulation has improved, I have gained over 10 kg, the herpes has disappeared and lymph nodes have diminished.

The therapy has also allowed me to give up the habit of smoking and drug addiction (I took "compote" intravenously ). I gave up all these stimulants almost at the same time, I have been off them for 20 days already and despite various threatening situations I don’t have severe craving pains.


Warsaw, 16.05.93

I am a 25-year-old drug addict. I was found HIV-positive in 1989. I also became infected with HBV and HDV. In 1991 I became infected with hepatitis A, B, C virus which led to chronic progressive hepatitis that continues until now. This condition was confirmed by a liver biopsy in 1991. The lymphadenopathy was diagnosed in the same year and ARC was diagnosed a year later. Since the beginning of the infection my health condition had deteriorated. Frequent diarhhea, night sweating, constantly elevated temperature (37.5°C), headaches, joint pain, very distinctly enlarged lymph nodes.

Before the HIV infection, I had had proteinuria, urinary calcium oxalates and highly enlarged lymph nodes since 1985. This was caused by intravenous use of a large amount of drugs. In 1990 pathological EEG image and a damage to the peripheral nervous system were found. During periods of drug craving I contacted the clinic in Wolska Street, I was given AZT (for two months in 1990) and interferon since 1991.

In April 1993 I was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Warsaw with diagnosed otitis media caused by Staphylococcus aureus, with diarrhoea and general emaciation.

I measured 175 cm and weighed 50 kg. During my hospitalisation I received: interferon 6 tab a 150 g, Essentiale 3 x 1, doxicillin 3 x 1; for withdrawal symptoms I took 95 mg relanium (19 tablets a 5 m), reasec 6 x 2 tab.

On April 16 I was offered a course of clavitherapy by Dr Barbasiewicz. At the same time I stopped taking all the medications. Several days on I felt definitely better. All the ear problems, diarrhoea and sweating have disappeared, I am literally full of energy – I was even suspected of taking amphetamine. I gained about 15 kg.

I have given up all my addictions, including smoking, without experiencing any physical withdrawal symptoms. At the same time my medical findings have improved considerably (available from Dr Barbasiewicz).


Warsaw, 1.07. 1993.

I am 25 years old and I have been a drug addict for 8 years. Recently, that is since April, my daily drug dose has been approx. 4 cm3 of “compote” + diphergan amp + morphine amp. I contracted HIV in 1989, I got the test result in September. I also infected myself with HBV.

In 1990 thrombocytopenia was found and treated with AZT. After a 2-month treatment the medicine was withdrawn. I was also found to be infected with HAV and HBV, and with HCV in 1991.

A liver biopsy showed chronic progressive hepatitis which was treated with interferon alpha since 1991. In 1992 toxoplasmosis was found – I took rovamicin 3 x 300.000 u. In April 1993 I came to the hospital in Wolska Street with otitis media due to staphylococcus infection, with very frequent diarrhoea, even up to a dozen passages of stools a day.

I weighed 50 kg and measured 175 cm, I suffered from night sweating, herpes and other disease symptoms. I also had liver pain, kidney pain and headaches. Psychiatric disorders: insomnia, depressions, high level of aggression.

On April 15 I became a patient of Dr Barbasiewicz who is treating me by means of the clavitherapy method.

One of the conditions of this therapeutic method is withdrawal of all toxins such as sedatives, alcohol, narcotics, tobacco, which I have done. At the hospital in Wolska St. I received 19 tablets of relanium, 3 tab. of lamolin, 3 capsules of doxicillin and 6 tablets of interferon per day as well as intravenous infusions.

Following consultation with all the doctors at the Clinic, I gave up all the medications during clavitherapy. Seven weeks later my physical condition improved. There is no sign of the otitis, herpes, diarrhoea and sweating. All the symptoms, including enlarged lymph nodes, which diminished in size, have disappeared.

I am not smoking, I am not taking drugs and I do not have any symptoms because of that. I weigh 65 kilos, I am perfectly fit, I have very good appetite, bowel movements and urination is like in a healthy man.

I associate my excellent mental well being with having been treated with clavitherapy. I hope that after I have finished the treatment and been trained, I will be able to collaborate with Dr Barbasiewicz.