Use of Clavitherapy after brain Stroke


I am a 51-years old physician. On August 02, 2008 in evening hours demonstrated suddenly intensifying dizziness, vomiting with loss of consciousness. Paresis of right upper and lower limbs proceeded simultaneously. After about 40 minutes I was admitted to hospital emergency unit and after preliminary analysis transported to stroke ward (at the Department of Neurology). Medical investigation revealed retention of urine and stool; in neurological investigation cerebellar asymmetry was affirmed on right side. Magnetic resonance investigation of head revealed vascular origin foci in white matter of both cerebral hemisphere along ventricles as well as in neighbourhood of IV entricle raised signal in T2-dependent scanning and ischemic focus in right hemisphere of cerebellum. By first 4 days of stay in neurological ward I was conscious though over-sleepy. I received following preparations: Metocard (Metoprolol), Areplex (Clopidogrel), Polfilin (Pentoxifiline), Betaserc, Polprazol (Omeprazole), Depakine chrono. After 9 days of stay, rehabilitation was begun. On 13th day I was discharged from hospital. I was further in lying position and needed cares of other persons . 
From half of September to half of December 2008 I was rehabilitated at home. In October 2008 I started walking by the help of a pair of crutches, I needed help at everyday life. Within September - December 2008r some new signs and symptoms such as: shoulder- hand syndrome, low back pain, intensifying pains of loins and chronic pains of right elbow with simultaneous weakness of right upper and lower limbs made difficult my everyday life. Beyond this I had further disorders in passing urine and bowel clearings. In December 2008 I noticed presence of white spots of different size (diameter from 1 mm to 4 mm) on skin of the whole body. Within these spots touch and pain sensibility (sensory functions) were disturbed. Skin in distal part of right upper and lower limbs was dry and rough and scaling off.
On hairy skin of head focal dandruff appeared. In second half of December 2008 control magnetic resonance of head revealed numerous petty foci of T2 -dependent raised signal in white mater both hemisphere of brain , somewhat more than shown in investigation from 05 August 2008. Situated in upper part of right hemisphere of cerebellum the focus was somewhat smaller than it was previously. In view of character of changes in brain, investigation of visual potentials was erformed getting normal results.

In spite of regular use of recommended medicines by consulted neurologist I was complaining of frequent strong dizziness and migraine type of pains. On 06.01.2009 I reported to dr. Ferdynand
Barbasiewicz in search of Clavitherapy (a modern direction of Reflexology).

During the first few minutes of very light stimulation by clavics (lat. clavus-nail) on the base of nose (so called third eye) between the brows, and back of head in midline under the basis of the skull, I felt strong burning sensation and strong difficult to bear expanding pain. After some minutes of stimulation this pain stood down and in my head I felt lightness, relaxation and feelings, that I "am without ailment", already after about 30 minutes I felt myself wrapped by pleasant widening warmness. Then, when doctor F. Barbasiewicz stimulated "white" spot (according to his nomenclature algostic-algodystrophic spots caused by demyelination process of nerve fibres) pain with burning sensation appeared within fraction of a second. After some stimulations on white spots pain and burning sensations were neutralized and towards my amazement after about 2 hours I regained full efficiency on right upper limb, wrist and on fingers, pains of right elbow stood down entirely and I could walk without the help of the crutches because right lower limb stood "stronger". I was very afraid of recurrence of this ailment. Within the next days the identical procedures were carried on though I was without ailment and doctor Barbasiewicz explained, that stimulations are necessary for fixation and consolidation of the effect of the therapy.
Clavitherapy was then continued by doctor Barbasiewicz for next 6 days. All signs and symptoms troubling me from the onset (August 2008) of the stroke disappeared. Till date I am healthy without any complains.

Data of the described patient:
Mian M. Musabbir M.D. Ph.D.
Specialist in Infectious/Communicable Diseases
ul. Błękitna 85
04-663 Warsaw, Poland
(All information about the patient and the case history are kept in
Archive of Clavitherapy, Strzeniówka, Jeżynowa 10, 05-830 Nadarzyn,
Warsaw, Poland).