1) The main inspirations for the Development of clavitherapy Methods.

were very strong, mobile endogenous responses of the human body and animals to unforeseen accidental injury: Pricks, cuts (also Planned therapy – acupuncture), post-surgical wounds, traumas, knee sprains, broken bones, burns, injections, stings, bites, food poisoning (drugs), infections and immanent body's ability to activate defense system and self-healing, self-regeneration. For example, Every accidental needle-stick, cuts and surgical wounds strongly activate plasma, different antibodies within circulation, platelets, clotting factors, and appropriate for healing and regeneration - antibodies, endogenous factors. Particularly worth of interest in the historical, anthropological formation of man over many thousands of years, the impact of different experiences, adverse experiences, the evolutionary experience - psychogenic and anthropogenic formation of human endogenous factors. Repeatedly from generation to generation in history, some very strong, nagging feeling like - total dirt of the skin and mouth, bad smell, hunger, food poisoning, dirty water, etc.., lack of hygiene, invasion by insects, parasites, viruses, bacteria , fungi, constant itching and scratching, and with parallel stress, threats, fighting for survival, climatic, environmental, physical, chemical, nutritional, existential psychogenic trauma caused the whole body to educate and through permanent nuisance of survival to produce varied, modified evolutionarily endogenous factors, and sub-molecular drivers by programs for DNA and RNA in the process of "mechanisms" of defense, regeneration, self-regulating homeostasis, self-repair the human body.

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2) Study of literature, deduction and induction, anticipative disorders, health conditions, and clinical experiments in creating clawitherapy

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