2) Study of literature, deduction and induction, anticipative disorders, health conditions, and clinical experiments in creating clawitherapy.

My experience as an assistant in the dissecting room and university researches, starting from late 1950’ to the present findings that led to all types of receptors in a dermatome, the entire surface of human skin and respiratory tract and others, inter-receptors informing about pain, and disturbed internal functions of the body, provided an excellent entry for the stimulation and regulation of abnormal body functions and control for a peripheral bio-cybernetic clavitherapy - and efferent - afferent neural pathways (all types of nerve fibers), and central nervous system. For example: You should know that during a seven-hour clavitherapy on a patient with serious problems caused by multiple sclerosis, about 200.000 non-invasive stimulation, excitation, irritation, reflex on the surface of the whole human skin are carried with short course Intervals. In the history of the human race formation as a result of the above experiences - educated by scratching, bites, cuts, insect, etc..the human body caused the formation self-defending endogenous, self-repairing (dermo-visceral, bio-cybernetic) therapeutic mechanisms through relays of neuro-chemical sub-molecular blood neuro-transmiters on the surface of the skin "mechanisms"of dermo-visceral, bio-cybernetic, therapeutic projection of all the centers of the central nervous system, peripheral nerves, internal organs and other anatomical-morphological structures. Any internal structure of the (anatomical, physiological, morphological) human body at all levels of endogenous has its therapeutic dermatome projection on the skin surface. Efficiency of clavitherapy in various diseases and severe disorders like multiple sclerosis (MS) is excellent. The same principle applies to, the case of spots diagnosis on the skin surface “algostic” and algodystrophic (dead) in the regulation of neuronal excitation of their own potentials, and in nerve fibers nerve lost conduction of signals. Diagnostic method and efficient regulation and induce a restoration of conduction of nerve signals, discovered and developed by the author in 1988 at the Neurology Department of Clinical Medicine Institute of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Disturbed regulatory processes of nerve potentials in nerve fibers and loss of the excitation conduction of nerve signals can be verified easily immediately by EMG.

Example per analogy: Imagine a failure of electric current exemption only for a month in Warsaw During the summer heat. - The Polish state will live but after a few days we will have a "cancer" in the body of our country. Any Conditions existence (exist) technical, hygiene and nutrition will have been in few days suddenly lost. The people of this city If They Want To Maintain their fitness health, protect life, must leave the metropolis Necessarily.

The Immediate cause of the earliest formation of various physiological and functional dysfunction and the formation of malignant tumors may also be impaired conduction in a particular nerve fiber (reduction in final latency) THEIR NERVOUS Potentials, demyelinating neuropathy resulting in total interruption of nerve signals. For example, disturbances of own nerve potentials or demyelinating neuropathy in one important sympathetic (parasympathetic) nerve fiber can lead to the ischemia of the morphological structure. The second reason for producing paralysis of the nervous system May be AGGRESSIVE PHYSICAL irritation, malignancy and because of itching and scratching of the skin unconsciously as in during sleep, some fibroids, warts, calluses, birthmarks, brown spots, may lead to malignancy as melanoma, particularly other forms of neoplasms. If you feel somewhere severe itching of skin with an irresistible need to scratch, Increasing local numbing pain physiological and morphological features, then observe the movement in this area of the skin surface - are there any changes? Local strong itching sensation (and pain) means that in this area of your body an early disturbance of blood circulation starts (for nerve fibers and vegetative nervous system). This state demonstrates the urgent need of bringing and restoring the proper blood supply, and endogenous factors, fair entrance for nutrients, enzymes and the appropriate antibodies, Among others. MACROPHAGES etc.

Wherever reveals THE CHRONIC, troublesome itching (ALSO PAIN because of infection) with an irresistible need to scratch reflex, massaging, HEATING or COOLING - the cause is ischemia, and in parallel thus, ischemia REDUCES THE LOCAL specific immunity, leading to enzymatic IMMUNEcollapse ON sub-cellular metabolic level.
After studying the literature of the histopathology (Among others. Anatomy I and II, Tom Hubert Lippert, ed. Urban) in comparisons with the experience in the dissecting room, deductive inquiry, empirical research and experimentation, I came to a conclusion that if I carefully, stimulate repeatedly, non-invasively the skin surface of the suffering patient or disabled person by duly adjusted tools on the scalp and on the peripheral nerve fibers and the organ affected by the dysfunction, it will reduce the ischemic zones of the anatomical organ, this will result in a very careful , not only the level of congestion of the endogenous dermatome, skin and connective tissue but neurotom Also, myotom, sclerotom and periosteum.
This also activates (in these areas at all levels) endogenous blood circulation and improves the production of endogenous factors, specific immunity, immune response in the most distal parts caused by the infection or ischemia; malnourished cells and tissues are oxygenated and become rich in variety of endogenous factors in blood; impaired physiology of cells and tissues are restored. Restoring lost local or systemic specific immunity, immune self-regulation and self-run recovery, self-repairing which disturbed the human body.
Clavitherapy method can eliminate all problems: psychological, neurotic, psychosomatic, infectious and contagious disease, and an early stage of cancer.
The example of an extremely eloquent and confirming the same repair processes inside is ischemic cause of infection and tooth pain. Please take two toothpicks and constrict, stimulating the skin surface of the lips of the circular muscle, the root of the sore, infected tooth, where It immediately feel the nagging pain initially burning, but after a few seconds blood circulation in the bacterially infected small veins is restored draining ischemic tooth. After about two minutes, by clearing the circulation of blood in the sore and infected tooth, the corresponding antibodies appear to eradicating the bacteria, then the pain and swelling and infectious disappear. After this initial treatment as quickly as possible the patient should go to the dentist for a regular treatment.

Algorithm NETWORK OPERATIONS of BIOCYBERNETIC clavitherapy, dermo-visceral clavitherapy METHODS ARE CAREFULLY described later in this article and other publications published in the website: WWW.KLAWITERAPIA.COM, AND IN THE BOOK AND ATLAS of CLAVITHERAPY. Google Enter the word "clavitherapy" and see how the method has been widely ADOPTED in Canada and the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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3) The earliest cancer Diagnosis AND THEIR ELIMINATION by OWN antibodies within a FEW DAYS.

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