5) Biocybernetic submolecular clavitherapy in regulation of demieyelinating processes, disturbed nerve potentials and restoration of lost nerve signals.

Currently using the latest electron microscope, and electronic starters in the sub-molecular biology, a blood smear image is obtained in the sub-cellular spectrum enlarged to 3,000,000 times. This allowed to count and establish in the blood smear of a very healthy body that in all endogenous levels through the control of DNA and RNA approximately 3,000,000 endogenous factors, Which are highly efficient for physiological holistic organism, and the optimum specific immunity (blood taken from a healthy organism: commandos, athletes and candidates for a space flight.) It is fascinating That in a healthy organism in peripheral blood circulates 3,000,000 various endogenous factors, for nearly 90.000 different types of antibodies, which can quickly and effectively combat various infections (viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi, parasites and excess markers).
It is established that, in all endogenous levels, DNA and RNA in each cell there is a controlled production of various neuro-chemicals and neurotransmitters, and counted them with a high rate of probability of about 10 million, intended for sub-molecular bio-cybernetic control processes. However, medical science in clinical practice daily is able to know about 300 endogenous factors as interferons, cytokines, complement, endorphins, etc.. Science and clinical practice in medicine does not have precise knowledge of the sub-molecular transmitters and drivers. It is known that, eg, myelin, in the everyday language of a nerve fiber insulation and the brain is built, among others with interferon and the two lipids. If there is a long time ischemia for any reason in a certain area of the brain or in the vicinity of the peripheral nerve fibers, there is no current successively efficient aggregation of the above endogenous factors regenerating myelin.
And then in myelin defected brain or peripheral nerve fibers because of weak isolation partial escape of nerve potentials takes place. Then, when at a certain place in the brain the long-term ischemia is maintained, it causes the total loss of myelin due to the ischemia and thus the absence of interferon-aggregation and lipid metabolism, and the signals from a particular center in the brain flee through the plaque (Fr.) as a hyper-intensive impuls (signal), Which Is measurable by diagnostic MRI.
For example: If the plaque are in the motor cord on top of the head along the lateral grooves of the brain, the center responsible for the composition of the lower extremity, the latency of nerve terminal potentials of their own clearly is weakened or even completely disabled, unable to move without the possibility of execution. Then in the early stages the patient feels itching over the area of plaque on the scalp or peripheral nerve fibers, WHERE the intense signals are fleeing shrinking the muscle layer of the blood-vessels of the skin. Due to the prolonged ischemia the area becomes prone to enzymatic – metabolic collapse at the level of dermatome, as seen in the forms of macular spots called “algostic”- ischemic with hyperalgesia. And sometimes if ischemia is not combated, the hyper-intensive signals cause “algodystrophic” spots- the dead tissue in the dermatome, an exterior projection of underneath demyelination with no sensory texture of parchment, on which after a short time, reveals an intense dandruff, flaking of dead tissue without infection of the skin.
Discovered by F. Barbasiewicz in 1988 at the Neurology Institute of Clinical Medicine, Ministry of Interior Affairs.
If anyone doubts this, please carry out a comparative analysis of MRI images with a specific poster and scatter template called evenly over the skin dandruff Plaque.

At high neuroticism and neurosis in human who is experiencing severe stress, frustration, long-term irritations, there is a clear overall (also cerebral) ischemia, which can cause infection, generally without dandruff on the scalp. When we abolish the central and cortical tension, the brain will improve circulation and dandruff disappears completely and permanently. In multiple sclerosis (MS) next to plaque scars in the brain, cerebellum, brain stem and cranial nerves, the fourth ventricle, the brain stem, in the spinal cord, also local demyelination occurs as a result of permanent ischemia. Besides numerous plaques of demyelination occurs in peripheral nerve fibers, in response to the stresses caused by overloading, reactive-depressive neurosis, physical exertion or trauma, infections and that ischemic changes are not always-associated with MS.

In 1988 I also discovered, that, the first sign over the ischemic site of peripheral nerve fibers in the skin patches called algostic are formed, equal in size to the loss of myelin layer with hyperalgesia, indicating a susceptibility to the enzymatic - metabolic collapse of the dermatome. And then if it is for example the peroneus motor nerve fiber it certainly reveals the origins of disturbances in the control and the tendency to sink to the foot, tripping while walking, a nerve terminal latency of own potentials in clinical EMG is clearly weakened. If the peroneus nerve fibers reveal algodystrophic spot, still numb from the whole enzymatic-metabolic collapse, then the EMG studies show a complete lack of latency, with dropping foot without performing any movement.

Dear reader,
We also know that the etiology of leprosy is closely associated with demyelinating neuropathy, muscle nerve fibers control growth of Blood vessels in ischemic areas. I am trying to submit a deductive explanation: if a specific morphological structure, or any organ is completely ischemic also reveal white spots algostic or algodystrophic within the dermatome. When the ambient temperature outside is significantly higher than 40- 50 degrees and more, and there is ischemia, hypoxia, malnutrition and then lack of endogenous factors, specific for morphological structure.
There is also a cooling system of the blood circulation. Then in the very high external temperature around because of the neuropathy is a total enzymatic-metabolic collapse, and cells and tissues are rapidly degraded and fallen away from the healthy tissue in a specific anatomical-morphological zone.

In the old testament there are the names of Priests Procedures in case of the white spots appearance on the skin surface of the man. At first, the appearance of small white spots on human skin, the priest Shall isolate him and watched for some time whether the tissue deteriorated the condition, or not? If, for example after 2-3 weeks the tissue on the skin did not undergo, the degradation is exempted from observing and Announced That it is clean, harmless to the environment. With this diagnosis I must Conclude That the spots or algodystrophic algostic with the man created the pyramidal Fibers, motor, and then he could have problems with motor functions but not decompose the body tissue and body is not fall off. However, if after observing the priest noticed That the Tissues are broken down and the body begins to fall, then Declared That this man is unclean, and led him on a permanent basis till the end of the isolated military hospital Carefully. Request a subjective author clavitherapy: A man suffered from a demyelinating neuropathy, the sympathetic and parasympathetic fiber governs the dynamics of muscle Blood Vessels, or there has been a total isch(a)emic Because of the congestion, a local stroke Clearly stopped blood circulation in a specific Morphological structure and a total lack of circulation caused: no feeding, lack of oxygen and no cooling of cells and Tissues in the all-blood, a very high temperature, Much More Than 40 to 50 degrees. This cause has made the total cessation of enzymatic-metabolic functions at specific subcellular Structures of Morphological, anatomical, and then the body is atrophy, decomposition, and May fall off. If the / demyelinating neuropathy occurs in our Described as temperate climate is latitude, a person can live for a long time and the body does not fall off. Sometimes it ends with a cancer. That perhaps is the cause of leprosy, malnutrition and permanent human body and the disappearance of a Particular type of endogenous factors. However, the claim That a viral disease, infectious or not it is Fully Justified Because the virus May show up, grow only in the stage of development of leprosy through impaired specific immunity. - I note above That the Interpretation of the etiology of leprosy is a subjective evaluation of the deductive method clavitherapy author, requires more careful clinical studies.

To effectively regulate the value of disturbed nerve potentials or arouse lost nerve signals, one should apply clavitherapy on ischemic structures to enhance hyperemia, and especially careful stimulation should be carried on with white spots over demyelinating neuropathy. As described in the book Clavitherapy, after careful congestion there is an activation of programs for DNA and RNA at a subcellular level, and the normal production of interferons and lipids go on. Then, using dermo-visceral clavitherapy within a few minutes through specialized local neurotransmitters, interferons (mediators) and lipids from the peripheral blood the myelin sheath can be aggregated in demyelinating peripheral nerve fibers and thus in a few minutes to heal the demyelinated nerve fiber and regulate its own nerve potentials and conduction which can be diagnosed and verified by the clinical EMG.
In other words, in the process of biocybernetic sub molecular, stimulating in an Appropriate Manner clavic nail known or toothpick (without an Effective Tool to Stimulate invasion or irritation) in the macula, or algodystrofic algostic, activates a Neurochemical Transmitters in a peripheral blood and nervous system. Then I give the order to spot stimulation algodystrofic algostic or loss over the place myelin for Certain specialized types of neurotransmitters. The order of the macula stimulation comes only to interferons and lipids in a local peripheral blood, which neurotransmitters attach to specialized and precisely them automatically leads to the demyelination of the nerve fiber, Where They Are Immediately aggregated in myelin defects.
The regeneration process in the loss myelin sheath by biocybernetic clavitherapy is very intense and takes place within only a few minutes. Of course, the stimulation should be repeated for several consecutive days until the resolution of pain, a normal reaction of the skin, for a full recovery and regeneration of nerve fiber myelin preservation i.e. for fixation.
One should know that he anatomically structures at different endogenous levels and peripheral blood of a healthy organism strictly maintains a certain level of different types of viruses, bacteria , microbes and various types of markers, carcinogenic proteins. Viruses, bacteria, microbes, carcinogenic proteins, etc. are a kind of immanent stabilizing specific immunity, immune response. Efficient, healthy human body, if a person regularly eats four times a day, a small but varied meals with a wide range of vegetables and light exercises used in supine position as proposed in clavitherapy, which causes the unloaded fluid motion, repeated at least twice a day, than it leads to a frequent congestion of the whole organism.
Anticipating reduce above, Avoiding stressful Situations other Threats. Feeding, oxygen and dissipation of various metabolites, Toxins from submolecular. With the exercises Described in clavitherapy provides a full rich blood to the most distal ischemic Tissues and cells, where, thanks to the programs of DNA and RNA, it activates the optimal production of endogenous factors. Also submolecular activate the production of Neurochemical Transmitters and controllers, neurotransmitters, Leading the regeneration of the body at different levels of endogenous, even in old age, delaying the aging Clearly process.
One should know that in the human umbilical cord, even in an old age there are stored its own stem cells of different endogenous levels, stimulation by clavitherapy on the edge of the navel, the stem cells can be activated to the recovery of any losses at various endogenous levels, a simultaneous stimulation of the biological point of the so-called active growth factor in the auricle is recommended.
The parallel stimulation of hormones through the anterior and posterior pituitary lobes, through an afferent way and cranial nerve X and specialized neurochemical transmitters stem cells are transferred to the peripheral blood, which actively takes part in a regeneration of enzymatic-metabolic structures of the human body threatened with collapse. Please note that clavitherapy can activate the adrenal gland cortex in the production of cortisone. One can also efficiently activate his own cortisone located in the peripheral blood, which is the finest hormone for metabolism at the sub-cellular level. As we know, the administration of artificial substitution for steroids in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, only makes explicit laziness in the adrenal cortex in a production of its own cortisone.

As we know in medicine there is an art of diagnosis on the basis of discoloration maps in the iris of the eye called iridology. However, the therapeutic areas of iridology are, respectively: the map in the space around the left nipple area brown halo, the same applies to, the right eye and stimulation in a brown halo around the right nipple. If you have a therapeutic indications then you will feel the needle penetrating deep inside the body to the excruciating pain. During the treatment, the area should be stimulated for several minutes until the total abolition of the needle pain. This treatment should be carried out for several days and then check if the pain does not return. This is a very effective therapeutic method, which gives the immediate effects of healing, discovered by the author of clavitherapy.

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