7) APPEAL TO Neurologists, Politicians and Pharmacologists.

Dear readers, it is already 22 years since I mastered the art of regulating dysfunctional nerve potentials and excitation of nerve signal conduction lost because of the demyelization reasons. Please end the hot swords, envy and aggression, caused by lack of knowledge about the possibilities of bio-cybernetic and controlled production of endogenous factors and the precise control of these factors in healing process, which were described in details in the books and atlas of clavitherapy 6 years ago , the book was presented to : the director of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology and Head of the Department of Rehabilitation Institute in Warsaw. In 1988, extensive studies on this subject were submitted to the managers of Neurological Clinics in Poland. Then I sent also a wide release on bio-cybernetic adjustment of disorders in the nervous conduction and excitation loss of nerve conduction to the Polish Medical Universities and hundreds of in many countries of the world, and also to some Nobel Prize winners. On 25 May 1998, Dr. Victor Bodnar, MD, neurologist, clinical Neurophysiologist, a Psychiatrist, by the help of prof. Jerzy Woy-Wojciechowski gave a lecture on "Application of Clavitherapy in Improving people Suffering from multiple sclerosis" in the session organized by the Polish Medical Association which took place at the Palace in Lancut.

This presents a very favorable results of functional rehabilitation of disturbed structures in patients with multiple sclerosis, diagnosed by 4 neurologists appointed by the decision of the then Section of Reflexology in the Main Board of the Polish Society of Medicine, those neurologists examined these patients before and after the clavitherapy treatment (after five days of treatment). Personal positive opinions of the neurologists are posted on the website www.klawiterapia.com. The clavitherapy efficacy was presented at the workshop of many scientific conferences in Poland and several countries in the Western Europe, Canada and the USA. There were many press publications, radio and television - read more on the above website. Read the latest publication in Polish and French inserted in an edition of 2010 in the prestigious monthly professional RAC Reflexology Canada. Also an article was posted on the above website, just click the position WHERE British flag is. There were publications about clavitherapy in the American press as. Also read the weekly Canadian Polish Voice Well. 20 page 23 11-18.05.2010 Fri KLAWITERAPIA.
Please enter the word in Google and you'll find results for clavitherapy. That clavitherapy of my authorship is extremely popular in Canada, the U.S. and many countries of Western Europe, Japan, China and other. However,a negative opinion about clavitherapy published in 2005 in the Scientific Bulletin of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, by some director of the Department of Neurology at the Medical University of Lodz, who deigned to compromise and also wrote in 2006 in an online bulletin of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, what I quote ... "Clavitherapy lies in the fact that it puts the patient with multiple sclerosis on a bed of nails and is squeezed." To get an idea of what is the method just open the above website and there is everything described. - God save the patients and students from these rogue doctors wearing external shape of human, teachers and educators without any ethics, it is difficult to understand inferior complexes of their personality. Some of the well-known professors of medicine who know the remarkable effectiveness of clavitherapy identified this man's behavior as unethical, outrageous.
The failure to PROVIDE the scientific and diagnostic calculation by the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, which I turned up a few times - I have an evidence to confirm by the registered correspondence of the Polish Post and the design and the date of dispatch by email. - Of course, no response? Please note 22 years have passed, despite many well efforts researcher with departmental or agency of the Institutes of Health Technology Assessment did not consider “clavitherapy” seriously. Time passes. There is no effective treatment for multiple sclerosis and it won’t be developed for a long time. The surgical method to install a stent in the vein to patency circulation to the brain gives dubious quality, not always with a favorable outcome, which, after several months makes clear worsening.
Significantly better improvement of the vasomotor function can be achieved by the clavitherapy - ... please- read www.drhalat.pl - a witness, a longtime deputy minister of the Ministry of Health- a well known Epidemiologist.
And what is with the poor outcome of demyelization nerve signals in the peripheral nerves fibers in patients not only with multiple sclerosis ?
But the delay in providing an assistance, research and diagnostic clinical trials of clavitherapy is not ethical by looking at the face of suffering patients and MS disability of many people, but also suffering from psychological disorder, neurotic persons etc. An effective and Immediate elimination of all kinds of pain, treatments for drug abuse, anemia, leucopenia, many others psychosomatic disorders, infectious, and infectious diseases as herpes zoster, viral meningitis, cerebral hemorrhages, paresis, impaired hand-retaining device.. are available by clavitherapy, an attitude - more information is in the Clavitherapy book, published on the website mentioned above. It is well-known that the abnormal demyelization neuropathy and polyneuropathy in the peripheral nervous system are very common, not restricted to the multiple sclerosis. They can cause a distressing pain and various dysfunctions, and a multitude of serious problems and risks of disease, and functional, completely resistant to treatment or rehabilitation.
At this point I would like to thank prof. dr hab. MD, Jerzy Woy-Wojciechowski, president of the Polish Medical Association, and Mr. Adam Czarnecki, MD, vice president of the Polish Medical Association, who for many years have been monitoring the effectiveness of this method and the diagnostic evaluated Patients. The doctors have given a positive assessment about clavitherapy in writing, which in December 2005 was addressed to the Minister of Health, National Health Fund and the directors of specialized institutes of the Ministry of Health, for a randomization procedure for the ADOPTION of clinical research into this extremely Effective, Valuable, and Inexpensive method of treatment.

I have a suggestion could not be refused. I ask the merits in medical science, sub-molecular biology, bio-cybernetics, journalists, mass media, television especially, please spend an hour on clavitherapy.
What I imagine in any Neurology Department, or in the studio equipment will arrive and the EMG can be performed before and after clavitherapy.
On Behalf of People Suffering I request Rulers and politicians for scientific and a diagnostic randomized clinical trial to verify bio-cybernetic clavitherapy.
A general introduction to Clavitherapy Methods in a prevention, care, as well as diagnosis, self improvement and rehabilitation of people suffering from various diseases under the Supervision of Family Physicians in the Structures of Health Care Can Improve the health of society, specifically, it will result in huge savings of public money.
The first and essential groups to be trained are GPs, Physiotherapists, and other specialists. My book: Clavitherapy and Atlas, which have developed over 1100 algorithms with network operations under strict disease diagnosed entities should be published and should be in every family’s library.
... Respecting every gift of life and let's be happy by the happiness of others.
Pending scientific support for the needy of the Suffering People, I join my best regards!

Author of the method

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