6) HOPE, illusion and costly disappointment

In specialized laboratories, the leading scientific centers of the world, researches are carried to extract different substances from animal tissue-(like interferons) for replacement of organism’s own endogenous factors by supplements. They even managed to produce Betaferon, which is very expensive and unfortunately the "blind" is not compatible in the bio-cybernetic control of a specialist natural neurotransmitter. A natural factor like endogenous interferon and neurotransmitters freely circulate in the peripheral blood, and if the body is not overly stressed or physically overwhelmed (poisoned), with good blood circulation the process of aggregation occurs continuously without any interruption. Now we know why Betaferon cannot personally be prompted by the neurotransmitter and replace defected sheath, and cannot be combined in myelin of brain and peripheral nerve fibers.

I am sure that if science is be able to construct an electron microscope that achieves the ability to zoom spectrum of sub-molecular smear of blood 10 million times and can recognize a particular neurotransmitter, interferon, then maybe after 20-3- years we will see a clear opportunity to extend the life of good performance. But for now, I strongly urge everyone to use bio-cybernetic clavitherapy experience described above.

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7) APPEAL TO Neurologists, Politicians and Pharmacologists.

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