Critical approach to some methods of reflexotherapy  

In this place it has become necessary to approach critically to some seemingly natural methods of stimulations, as electrostimulation, electropuncture, pharmacopuncture, laserpuncture, acupuncture, magnetotherapy and others.
At the end of 1950’ American scientists had carried careful research on a stimulation of biologically active points on human skin by a low power current electric of constant value. These points were stimulated to induce therapeutic changes in different functional disorders, particularly when an attenuation of personal nerve potential takes place, in a receded conduction of nerve signal in nerve fibers, in psychosomatic disturbances and infections. The research was carried to check variability of psychogalvanic ratio as a reaction to emotional, ambivalent experiences.
As it was concluded that such kind of electrostimulations are extremely harmful, because dangerous physiological disturbances in neurochemical, in hormonal and enzymatic information and others at endogenous, molecular, and submolecular levels take place. Productions of cytokins, complements, interferons, endorphins and other endogenous - less known factors in very wide morphological zones are disturbed.
Some elements and structural factors undergo paralysis –at endogenous subcellular levels and perish. It concerns in particularly permanent and irreversible disturbances in nerve cells in synapses of intercellular connection and magnetic field of cells. Information about steering of life, productions and distributions of endogenous factors on subcellular level and submolecular steering in blood are disrupted.
Therefore, fascination about electrostimulation , electropuncture is incomprehensible. Probably, people who practice electropuncture are willing to bring about the renaissance of this method. They do not know the American research about harmfulness of electrostimulation in biocybernetic communications in receptor neurophysiology, mediators, regulations of life and divisions of cells in all endogenous levels, particularly processes of psychogenic, endogenous, neurophysiological and chemical self-regulation. Similar dart is applied in the case of electrostimulation, in neurological practices peroneal stimulator and other types destroying physiological life in cells and nerve fibers, particularly there , where susceptibility to enzymatic and metabolic collapse takes a stand for the reason of neurophysiological and ischemic disturbances.
Very harmful in its effect is pharmacopuncture ( application by the injection of novocaine or similar chemical preparations in small doses to biologically active points) evokes damage of receptor and stimulating reflex apparatus, it disturbs subtle chemistry in stimulated zone).
Similar things happen in case of acupuncture, where every time, there are mechanical damages of structure of points ,receptors etc by needles. Very often because of not enough precise hitting to biologically active points, they become physically and permanently broken down. All kinds of blockades are harmful in acute and chronic neuralgia.

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