The earliest cancer diagnosis AND THEIR ELIMINATION by OWN antibodies within a FEW DAYS.
A special, personal satisfaction obtained from the discovery of the associations in the area of warts, brown spots of itching, pain, irritating the nervous system is a noticeable movement in the early stages of cancer. It shows to people that In these areas of local circulation it is lost. Cancer markers, cancerigenic/carcinogenic proteins take Places in the Morphological Structures and in the neighborhood, Preventing a smooth blood circulation. Therefore, the blood does not contain the appropriate values of endogenous Nutrients and selectively Appropriate antibodies, Which Are Able To Eliminate problems early infectious like viral, bacteria, fungi, or an excess concentration of markers, carcinogenic proteins.
How clavitherapy methods can diagnose metastatic cancer in the earliest development?
Please take in your hand between the fingers two well-known clean toothpick and touch 2-3 mm from the warts, brown spots, etc.. changes to press the skin perpendicularly, non-invasively, with moderate force. If you experience around these lesions, or in a place from a particular distance from the change a strong and pervasive pain or a burning sensation. It means that you are at the risk of malignancy at the earliest stage of development. Watch around on the skin or painful area from the skin surface 20 cm distant, do you observe somewhere in the neighborhood is different papilloma or brown spot skin changes, etc..? If the line between the skin lesions at some point crosses the spine, it mMay Be The Beginning of the paralysis and the local spinal pain.
Please take a sheet of A4 paper and put carefully applied on the longest side edge of the sheet from the pain, so that it an adheres to the configuration of the body surface from the axis of the papilloma in a straight line to another near the papilloma , or brown spots. If you precisely stimulate on the line at the edge of a sheet of paper in turn the between these objects and the pain will linger for permeating from burning strictly in a straight line it means that it is very early onset of metastasis. If you go 1 mm to the side of a line between the objects there will not be any pain. Early metastasis is not necessarily merely a dermatome, skin. It may also take place inside the deeper anatomical structures. If the result of the stimulation is burning sensation and pain in the first and second time lasts for about 3 seconds it means that the line runs in the dermatome of metastasis in the skin and connective tissue. Conversely, if the burning and pain revealed only after 2-4 seconds, and lasts longer than 3 seconds it means that the metastasis is located far deeper. Therefore, you need toothpicks to hold the pressure until the cessation of burning and pain. It should be for 5-7 days (2-3 times a day to stimulate around the lesion and carefully in a straight line between those lesions, then mute the pain in order to induce diligent congestion. This easy method confirms the diagnosis of intramuscular metastasis in a straight line between these skin changes or backbone. Metastasis may have a more complex character may be more numerous among those lesions, skin changes.
Clavitherapy allows to establish effective diagnosis of the disorder at the earliest stages -induced cancer and paralysis of the nervous system caused by these changes.
Clavitherapy after careful restoration of circulation allows highly efficient antibodies to eliminate the local concentration of tumor markers (carcinogenic proteins) that this prevents the natural lines of ischemia and allows their own antibodies to appear. And also by stimulation of biologically active zones of the lymphatic system and activation of individual clusters corresponding lymph nodes and via X cranial nerve to stimulation of the ear edge for the precise activation of the relevant lymphatic system, local lymph nodes responsible are described in detail in the latest edition of the book and atlas of Clavitherapy.
Moreover, It Is necessary to eliminate harmful biogeologic radiation (as water veins, geopathic grid elements, various turbulence, the intensity of electro-magnetic field or infrasound, ultrasound, etc...) at home, school, workplace , breeding farms - more information in the article of prof. dr. Ing Andrew Colic on my website.

Papilloma, naevus and russet spots require a careful treatment and should not be punctured directly. They can present, as we know, form of tumor mutation, particularly melanoma malignum. It happens that some papillomas, naevus and russet spots are neutral, as if inoperative. But there are imaginary states of (conditions of) lack of activities. There are also papillomas, naevus and russet spots informatically active, which inform us about extensive different disturbances of physiological functions in human organism as it happens in case of cancers with metastasis. It concerns central particularly peripheral nervous system. It is necessary to know, that papillomae, naevus and russet spots render strong functional disturbances paralysis of nerve fibers, paresis and similar disturbances.
Active papillomae and russet spots successively limit blood supply, annex and evoke pathology of more and more area around them. Progressive ischemic process around them after a certain period lead to growth and concentration of cancerogenic protein called markers. One single papilloma or russet spot by evoking pathology of surrounding tissue can “create” new papilloma and russet spots, steer biocybenatically in straight line their growth and functions and after some time creating new aggressive papillomae and russet spots like cancer metastasis. These structure can also paralyze the physiological functions of nerve and internal organs.
NOTE! State when around papillomae and russet spots and among these new creatures in straight line during clavic stimulation a strong penetrating pain and burning sensations are perceived, this is the situation, which qualifies to liquidation of threat of malignant tumor by clavitherapy.
Zones around the active papillomae and russet spots are pressed without violation of the continuity of epithelium 2-3 mm from the papilloma or russet spots. The line of metastasis between these creatures on skin surface. It is proper to know, that pain that appear in straight line between these creatures indicates the direction of metastasis .When we go diverted with stimulation from straight line even for disappears.
It is indicated to execute these procedures very carefully three times a day, for receding pain and burning sensations days for 5-7 days pressing several times for strong induction of hyperaemia. This hyperaemia drives with blood to papillomae and russet spots antibodies , macrophages-killer cells and they forcefully destroy white cancerogenic proteins - markers. At the same time therapeutic points and zones and lymph nodes have to be stimulated for reconstruction of immune system (chapter IX, clavitherapy). During the procedures it is indicated to take 5 small meals with vitamin C in the form of vegetables. It is proper to know, that human organism does not produce vitamin C. If no pain and burning sensations appear through successively 3-5 days the surgeon can delete these creatures without risk of activation and metastasis.
Another cause of neoplasm formation is demyelination neuropathy. Please, imagine the situation of a modern city without continuous supply of electricity, the same thing happens with tissues when there is an interruption of nerve conduction.
Tumor emerges in zone glutted with different kinds of metabolites, products of combustion, toxins with tendency to metabolic collapse. Papillomae and russet spots are information thrown outside on skin surface by the organism.
Frequently very interesting cases take place, when already after first careful abreaction of papilloma and russet spots ( evoking hyperaemia) motor apparatus, e.g. lower extremities and full proficiency recover, abolishing of pains etc. ,
 Chinese experts perform a cerebration by left and right movements and introduce invasive needles under papilloma at an angle of 45° during the acupuncture that causes abolishing of information, neurophysiological, enzymatic and antibody disturbances, first of all macrophage disorders and this procedure evokes hyperaemia and destruction of cancergenic protein- markers. It happens , that after several abreactions and strong hyperaemia the papilloma becomes reduced or it disappears completely or falls off of the skin, level of individual kind of markers distinctly goes down to norm for peripheral blood.