12) Anti cataclysm defense

was elaborated in 2005 and sent to the BBC and others, read more: - www.klawiterapia.com :

a - tornado, should be eliminated with the rackets filled with the liquid nitrogen placed in a plane, which explosion will cause a droplet cooling down of the inner space, where is the raised temperature that propels the spin, and after few dozen seconds a sudden temperature’s reduction will occur so we will obtain a normal storm. In the atmosphere, there is 80% of nitrogen,

b - hurricane, the sea coast defense (ocean) from the hurricane that pushes the water into the land with the shallowing sea bottom (New Orleans) I described with the usage of drill-rotational power station anchored 300-500 m from the seacoast, - www.klawiterapia.com/ekoenerg,

c – volcanoes, expert geological companies should make with a thermo vision camera several bores in the volcano’s slope from the proper side (safe, toxic gases), in the hottest place direction and after placing naval penetrating bombs, in principle of domino make single explosions to expend the inner, hot structures of rocks and lava, next the gas rids, reduce the pressure, remove the eruption, and some holes can be used to obtain the geothermal energy. From 2 years Americans continue the drilling experiments on the volcano of Alaska,

d - tsunami, can be effectively eliminated by causing several mega explosions in places properly secured from people, in the formed underwater bottom bays (outside agglomerations), that by order from the satellite will occur, when the real tsunami is 50 km from the seacoast. That time tsunami waves meet for example 20 km from the seacoast, and after piling the water kinetic energy it will be broken, the wave will be eliminated and the water calmly will fill in its subsidence after the explosion. The other effective way of braking the kinetic power of the tsunami wave can be gained after building an open-work, stainless steel pyramid, few kilometers from the coast, which top would stick out 30-50 meters from the water, and constituting a lighthouse supplied with the electricity from the drill-plough sharing power-station set on a catamaran. The next possibility is to build a very big drill-plough sharing power-station 150 m wide and 20 m high, firmly anchored 10-20 km from the seacoast, where the big drill ploughshares with their own rotation will stop the sudden kinetic energy of the tsunami wave. This investment is very profitable, considering the causalities and land infrastructure wastes, even if the power-station is temporarily broken, it will stop the kinetic energy only by its own existence and eliminate a wave several kilometers from the coast.

e – The Earth defense from asteroids or planetoids, interplanetary communication and Earth’s energetic-existential needs satisfaction attainable, because we have 24 years to the 2036 year when according to the astrophysics’ estimations a huge like two football fields will hit the Earth with a cosmic speed. I am sure, that we will be in time and the photon plasma energy gained from the „cosmic snail” with the opening’s diameter 700 m can be even too appropriate to turn it as a laser ray (superconductor) to the planetoid, what will cause very efficient and thorough splitting the object to the small parts. The rest will be done by the earth atmosphere. On the other hand a trial of painting the planetoid by a racket sent from the Earth to make its surface warmed up by the beams from the sun’s side (to make its way trajectory bended, so it can pass round the Earth) is very risky. – “cosmic snail” is schematically shown on the webpage.

ATTENTION! The powerful energy of the photon plasma gained from 7 “cosmic snails” and 7 regulated cosmic mirrors set, turned properly to the sun, can create a short quantum, which can be used in the interplanetary communication of the vehicles going with the speed of light. There is also a possibility of bending from the Earth the solar wind, which is too strong and has too high temperature. The photon plasma energy can be used from the Earth for many different ways, including efficient tsunami and all kinds of combustion elimination, or the distinct weather regulation in the world: www.klawiterapia.com/ekoenerg.