15) Garbage segregation with the ferrite license assigned by the Ministry of the Environment for the different raw materials producers,

from which packing, articles and other things for the future recycling and utilization. Please imagine a technological process of the secondary materials recovery from different garbage: A car, which takes unsorted garbage, brings them to the local garbage segregation building and lives them on the wide conveyor belt. Over this conveyor belt several electromagnetic conveyor belts works crosswise, which with the proper electromagnetic field, according to the ferrite assigned in a minimal quantity, sort several kinds of rubbish, for example plastic bags contain 0,01% of ferrite and the conveyor belt set for this electromagnetic norm takes only plastic bags. The conveyor belt which takes only the polymer packing with 0,03% of ferrite. The next conveyor belt, takes glass containing for example 1% of ferrite. Clothes with particular supplement of ferrite thread are taken by the other conveyor belt with the electromagnet. The iron scrap metal is taken by the next transverse conveyor belt with stronger electromagnetic belt, and so on. In the same time, there are people hired, who control and support this process in a particular moments. At the end, the organic waste fall down intended for grinding, dolomite liming or composting to the humus to be sold in bags for the soil fertilization.

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