3) Constructing and elevation of a big, known from its shape snail with a small corn, beyond the northern latitude, so it could not shade the Earth. The snake will be constructed with the mirrored nanotechnology (from heat-resistant polymers) bore for example 700 m, pointed to the sun, on the high, terrestrial, stationary orbit.

The sunbeams (photons) will be easily absorbed outside the earth’s atmosphere without any handicap and thickened in the huge mirrored, spiral interior space to the photon plasma state in the corner placed in the lower part. Under the “cosmic snail” in a specific gondola (laboratory) we would get a pure ecological energy which can satisfy in a close future all energetic and existential needs of the humankind in the Earth and for the cosmic needs. “The Snail in the Universe” project received a positive opinion of the Space Research Centre (Polish Academy of Sciences) in 1987 with the one concern of a potential fall of the photon plasma ball on the Earth, which could cause a terrible disaster. Attention! If the photo plasma ball with its temperature of 11.000 C* will be fixed in a triple corona with its strong electromagnetic field over a heat-proof „ceramic-electronic funnel” from which it will be instantly drained with a laser as a superconductor to the Earth. This process of a constant photon plasma management eliminates the danger. We have still 25 years, and I believe that the scientists will find a proper ways for this so powerful energy’s protection, even from meteorites which can be destroyed in advance, before they reach the “cosmic snail”. Photon plasma can be efficiently used for the Earth defense capability from asteroids and planetoids. It can also be used to deflect the Earth from for example too powerful energy of the solar wind, characteristic with a temperature which is too high and a very strong magnetic field. The photon plasma’s energy can be used for interplanetary vehicles’ drive, possibly in the short quantum tunnels as well, set stationary orbit over the Northern pole, which will eliminate the gravitation and give a very advantageous cosmic acceleration to the vehicles in the interplanetary communication. The photon plasma at the Earth can also be used as an ecological drive for rackets going to the terrestrial orbit or for the all weather, road or air communication vehicles’ drive. It will help to eliminate all kinds of combustion, and be useful in a distinct regulation of the weather in the Earth, tsunami elimination, ect. - www.klawiterapia.com/ekoenerg.