5) Three successive triangles with infrared transmitter on the vertexes installed in the runway before the actual place of landing, with the proper distance one after another, gradually enlarging the triangles’ arms length comparing to the triangle’s base.

The first triangle has the arms 1/2 longer then the basis, but if the control tower will guide the airplane in a proper way specific space for landing, the first triangle is being read out with the analog machine camera as an accurate triangle. This information confirms, that the plane is in the proper space and in the proper landing process and the board computer automatically guides to the second triangle, which legs are ATTENTION! If the second triangle is not read out properly, the airplane stops the automatic landing process and once again the control tower guides it to repeat the algorithm of the entry to the proper space to read out the first triangle as an accurate ect., where the automatic landing algorithm is being realized. This situation confirms that the automatic process of the airplane guidance is realized in a proper way. During that time, the camera recognizes the third triangle, with its legs three times longer, the planes wheels are relatively close to the airstrip. But if the third triangle is read out properly as an accurate, and there is no contraindication for landing, the algorithm with the automatic landing activities network cooperates according to the program. After a short while the plane softly touches the specific place in the runway’s width axis, when the brake process and guided left and right automatically by cobalt, in capsules installed in every 3 meters, 2 cm under the airstrip surface, guiding the aircraft to the place of stop-off. Attention! The radioactive decay is much lower than the Radiation Protection Standards and there are no factors that can disturb it. Moreover, the plane navigation is much more distinct than in case of experienced captain or driver.

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