14) Container sewage treatment plant (liquid manure) with the straw bales filter usage

which after the utilization and mineralization by local earthworms comes back to the cultivated fields, meadows, pasturages as a reach in Lactobacillus plantarum humus, supplying the soil richness and the water after oxygenation can be locally distributed to the farmland.

ATTENTION! The soil richness structure with the humus (bacterial flora with earthworms) is the most advantageous condition for the curative proper vegetation for the cultivated plants. Moreover, such a rich soil has a porous structure, similar to the sponge, able to take the water, even from a very heavy rain. So the pragmatic statement that the cultivated soil is the biggest retention for the efficient, tacking water absorption even from the intensive rainfall. However, from few decades farmers do not use manure’s removal and they do not pre- and after-fruits form the nitric plants (for example lupine), because it is more convenient to remove and spill the dung without the humus. It is more convenient to sprinkle the chemical manure, because less work is needed in this case. What’s more, lack of the humus is often accompanied with pesticides’ usage, which kill all vermin, (earthworms, bacteria), which mineralize the cultivated soil. Farmers during the cereal and cultivated plants’ vegetation use sprays with herbicides to destroy all kinds of weeds. From two decades the need of changing straw and cereal into the ecological fuel is being publicized. People, who vices in this way are dangerous for the ecology and they do not have a logical pragmatism. This is the excessive cereal or other seeds that can be sowed just after harvest might be used for rebuilding the bacterial flora, when the green mass was ploughed. This riches of the bacterial flora in the soil, brings a great advantages for healthier cereal vegetation and other cultivated plants. That time, less chemical manure is needed, as well as pesticide or herbicides. Cereal, vegetables and forages, grass, cultivated with the bacterial flora are more healthy and meat and milk more tasty. Nowadays the soil from the Lactobacillus plantarum humus after few weeks of drought at the surface becomes a kind of a „brick”, which is not permeable and do not absorb water from the rainfall, which spontaneously flows from the cultivated fields, causing torrential water rising and floods. It also collects the washed out chemical manures and left dung to the rivers and see, what pollutes the natural environment. Details: - www.klawiterapia.com/maszrol.

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