4) The road traffic and rail traffic security:
- optimal material environment for the driving school – tandem car,

which during the stopover fulfill the function of a training simulator and in the real driving school conditions while the road traffic with the proprioception educator, in the bio cybernetic feedback, trains the proper reactions and habits very efficiently and in 50% shorter time, comparing with traditional methods. The instructor by „transferring” the model reactions and habits from the experienced teacher’s brain to the student’s one, quickly creates good driver’s properties in the student’s head. – At the beginning of 70es – 4 prototype’s were constructed and very careful psychological researches on the reaction and habits training technology in the psycho-neuro-physiological process of learning and teaching were carried out. They were held on 2 groups – experimental and control, during the PhD thesis, defended in Cracow with very good reviews;
- electronic traffic signs, encoded in Cobalt-60, in capsules installed in every 3 meters, 20 mm under the asphalt surface, in the axis of the road, which from one side automatically, precisely control the vehicle left and right to support the proper position on the road, and from the other side read all the traffic signs encode in the cobalt emission values from the capsule, with the confirmation given in the display unit installed on the dashboard (prohibition, special regulation, warning and information signs), so the car reacts mechanically according to the rules of the road, with a potential infringement’s registration. The automatic vehicle control system and traffic signs self-reacting system was accomplished as a prototype positively verified in the authentic conditions in 1973 in the Centre for Research and Development of Machine Design and Technology Basis in Warsaw – Anin, and published at Polish Patent Office Bulletin (January,1974); the vehicle had an SOS installation, which informs ambulance service, police and in case of need the fire brigade about the accident when the driver or passengers are unable to turn off the SOS or in case of fire;
- the left-back-light, highlighting the road surface, pedestrians, animals and objects for the vehicles coming from the opposite side of the road in the twilight-night conditions, and the vehicle coming from the o side, after changing the lights from the high beam to the low beam, highlights the road in the same way, protecting the other car from running into the unlit pedestrians, animals, objects and road holes; - www.klawiterapia.com/transkom ;
- electronic rail signs similar to the traffic signs with the signaling equipment with the control apparatus, registering the railway traffic occurrence, early-warning about opened barriers, obstructions, broken railway signaling, boxcar failure or robbery fire ect.

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